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Goodreads reviews of Tuktuk:

"In the back of the book is a section (that can be photocopied or printed from the website for educational use) called For Creative Minds, in which the reader will find very interesting information -- Polar Seasons, Arctic Skies, Arctic Vocabulary, Life in the Cold: Animal Fun Facts -- with illustrations from the book coinciding with the information. Beautifully done!"

"Tuktuk: Tundra Tale by Robin Currie is a book to treasure, both for its amusing adventure of a clever collard lemming and for the information revealed in its fabulous illustrations by Phyllis Saroff. Readers will discover more details with each read through."

"There are few books for children that are as mesmerizing in both words and illustration as TukTuk: Tundra Tale. Children and adults will be swept up into the majestic landscapes of the arctic and be charmed by the savvy, adorable, and slightly devious little TukTuk, the collard lemming. The story is a wonderful way to teach children about the animals of the arctic and the world they live in. I really wish I could have a stuffed animal version of TukTuk. Every page I just wanted to pick TukTuk up and cuddle him."

Award winner author Robin Currie learned story sharing by sitting on the floor. At libraries in the Chicago area, she engages children and their parents with stories full of noise, action, and energy. A professional librarian and editor, Robin has sold 1.5 M copies of her books and writes stories to read and read again!

Coming! How to Dress a Dinosaur. Familius, 2022.

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